Environmental condition test

2018 Mar. 14.

Professional exploration of environmental state of properties is essential to plan an appropriate land use. To solve such problems, our Department offers its long-term experience in shallow drillings, samplings and interpretation.

Knowing of environmental conditions of properties is essential, if revision, change, or purchase is planned. Reason of importance of this knowledge is that different expectations appear if the former activity is about to change, e.g. building of a kindergarten is planned on a former logistic site. Knowledge of the way to do between environmental conditions of the present and the planned land use is indispensable.

Our Department offers a reliable help in this situation with planning, fulfilling of fact finding, and interpretation of the results. The new on-field data, which fit uniquely on the specific property, rely on archive professional database of our Survey, and provide knowledge on adequate level, supporting decision making.

On the base of shallow geophysics, shallow drillings, soil and groundwater sampling, lab analysis of the samples, starting conditions of the property can be well outlined. If we compare the results with the health limits as defined by law, suggestions can be made for the next steps.