Further development of the National Adaptation Geo-information System (NAGiS)

The project will create a decision support toolkit for national adaptation policy, develop the climate change vulnerability analysis methodology of the system. The assessment of the expected effects of climate change on certain leading economic sectors will be carried out too.

Széchenyi 2020The Hungarian Geological and Geophysical Institute (MFGI), a predecessor of MBFSz established and started operating the NAGiS with the support of the European Economic Area (EEA) Grant Fund between 2013-2016. However, for better usability, further improvements are required. In November 2016, the project plan on the further development of the National Adaptation Geo-information System was awarded a grant of HUF 400 million from the Environmental and Energy Efficiency Operational Program (EEEOP) "1. Adaptation to the effects of climate change 1.1.0”. The project is implemented by MBFSz.


NAGiS logoThe objective of the EEEOP priority project, launched at the end of 2016 is to create a decision support toolkit for national adaptation policy and local governments, and to further develop the existing databases, methodologies and evaluation modules of NAGiS. The expected results will give input for climate policy and sectoral planning, policy-making studies; support climate protection strategic planning of local and regional governments, and lay down the foundation for adaptation objectives. In addition, they can contribute to the dissemination of climate adaptation knowledge and to increase the level of climate awareness.

Main tasks of the project include the assessment of climate change vulnerability of selected Hungarian natural resources and critical infrastructure, and the examination of the effects of climate change on socio-economic and economic development. Climate impact assessment planning and evaluation methodologies will be developed, the online management information services and a municipal decision-making portal of NAGiS will be established. Furthermore, a wide-ranging dissemination of the results will be an essential part of the project too.




National Adaptation Center Department

Head of department: Dr. Tamás Gábor Czira

E-mail: czira.tamas@mbfsz.gov.hu 

Address: H-1143 Budapest, Stefánia út 14.