The digital coal cadastre of Hungary is available online

2018 Jun. 14.

In the frame of project entitled ’Development perspectives of national coal resources’ the Mining and Geological Survey of Hungary has completed the digital coal cadastre available at

The role of national coal cadastre is to

(1)    inform policy makers at different levels of administration according to aspects of economy and region development,
(2)    support investors’ decisions by facilitating area/project identification,
(3)    inform experts involved in geological and technical geological exploration,
(4)    inform professionals engaged in applications in energetics and chemical industry. 

In favour of achieving the above goals, a central database has been developed for disclosing outcomes of past or future regional or thematic field or lab research in context of previous results. 
Accordingly, the database is a GIS-driven joint stock of numeric-based relational databases, vector/raster graphic stocks as well as written documentation.