Compilation of Data Packets

Compilation of Data Packets

Using the most complete national geological, geophysical and mining databases, the Survey compiles complex geological datasets according to the customer's request to support industrial and scientific research.

The Survey maintains hundreds of data systems. It collects and manages geological data for Hungary, which includes geological, hydrogeological, mining and geophysical topics. It compiles complex data systems and project databases in the most commonly used data formats.

The data packets are compiled upon the customer's request and form requirements using the known industrial standards: in Kingdom, SeisWorks, Geosoft, ArcGis, Surfer, Jewel program environment or in simple ASCII files.

– surveying information
– data service
– geological, geophysical basic maps


Department of Research and Observatories
László VÉRTESY, head of department
Address: 1145 Budapest, Columbus u. 17-23.
Phone: +36 1 920-2290