Expert participation at the MIN-GUIDE project workshop in Madrid

2018 Jun. 26.

Two colleagues from the Mining and Geological Survey of Hungary participated at the workshop, which was held in the center of the Spanish Geological Survey (IGME) on May 22-24

This was the fifth event of the project after workshops on exploration, extraction, processing and technological issues, and its main theme was the modernization of geological and mining data.

The MIN-GUIDE project ( is based on group work and proposes an innovation-friendly, sustainable policy. 200 participants involved in policy-making have been gathered 600 policy papers so far from 29 countries, and several conferences were organized as well. The MBFSZ staff supported the progress of the project questionnaire surveys, by introducing the Hungarian mining legislation and by sharing the international experience gained in other projects.

 The ORAMA project on data optimization for European raw materials was presented by Zoltán Horváth. He emphasized the achievements of MBFSZ in the modernization of mineral raw material inventory, and also the harmonization of the Hungarian resource inventory with other international systems. MBFSZ has achieved remarkable results also in the classification of both energy and non-energy mineral raw materials. Szilvia Bányácski shared her experience on the legislation of mining wastes.

In the field of data modernization, presentations were made by decision-makers, by authorities, by expert organizations (e.g. the UN Minerals Classification Working Group, Greek Industry and Metal Mining Sectors), by companies (e.g. Quantum), universities (e.g. University of Vienna) and by DG Grow and Joint Research Cente .

At the end of the panel discussion the final conclusion was that a quality data service for raw material at a European-level is needed, and the provided data should have a consistent format, being compliant with international standards. EU projects and European forums should jointly discuss the benefits and details of data provision, including the confidentiality of data. The vision of a Raw Materials Union (similar to the Energy Union) was also mentioned.

It was announced that on 11th and 12th of December 2018 the MIN-GUIDE annual conference will be held in Brussels on the future role of mining in the circular economy. The 3rd EU 'Raw Materials Week’, which is the most important European event on raw materials, will take place from Monday 12th to Friday 16th of November 2018 in Brussels.