Hydrogeological log-book

According to the Ministerial Decree No. 101/2007., the Department of Hydrogeology of the Mining and Geological Survey of Hungary has been responsible for issuing hydrogeological log-books of new wells, maintaining the National Well Cadaster and operating the National Hydrogeological Archive since 2017 July 1.

The documentation of drilled wells, namely the “Hydrological log-book” is still made based on order and data report.  The content and formal requirements of the “Hydrogeological log-book” is specified in Ministerial Decree No. 101/2007. on technical requirements of the intervention into subsurface water supply and of water well drilling as well as in MSZ15298 standard on the content and formal requirements of hydrogeological log-book.

The order forms of hydrogeological log-book and the form of data report for drilled wells can be downloaded from the links below, as well as the cadaster of drilled wells in Hungary (Volume 37-39.) and the cadaster of thermal water wells in Hungary (2015-2017).


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