Mátyáshegy Gravity and Geodynamical Observatory

Mátyáshegy Gravity and Geodynamical Observatory

In the Mátyáshegy Gravity and Geodynamical Observatory long-term monitoring measurements are carried out in order to investigate Earth-physical processes related to gravity field changes and geodynamical processes.

The observatory is situated in the Mátyás-hill karstic cave system which provides stable conditions for the gravity and rock deformation monitoring measurements, considerably free from environmental noises. The observatory contains the national main gravity base pillar, the maintenance of which is ensured based on the legal regulation (law no. XLVI/2012). Besides, the main function of the observatory is studying variations of gravity field (Earth-tides, long-period variations) and long-period rock deformation phenomena (tidal and non-tidal environmental, tectonic deformations). In order to monitor the investigated phenomena a digital measurement system with continuous data collection is installed and operated, furthermore measurement aid-devices are constantly developed.
Actual extensometric observatory data
Gravity variations recorded at Tihany absolute base point

Water level of a cave lake (01.2021-06.2016):

Cave lake water level



Address: 1037 Budapest, Mátyáshegyi út 57.
Contact person: Department of Geophysical Research - Márta KIS, Ph.D. (kis.marta@mbfsz.gov.hu)