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Paragraph (1) of Section 5 of Act No. XLVIII of 1993 on mining (hereinafter referred to as: Bt.) shall set the activities to be carried out with the permit of the Mining Authority. Pursuant to Bt., Government decree No.203/1998 for its implementation (hereinafter referred to as: Vhr.) as well as  legal rules referred to later, permitting geologic research and exploration, mining, extraction and utilization of geothermal energy without water extraction, management of mining waste, gas distribution, installation of pressure equipments, blasting activities for civil purposes as well as the related construction works shall belong to the competence of the Mining Authority.  Above all, permitting personal entitlements (certified mine surveyors, responsible technical managers to the mine, experts examining pressure equipments, geologic experts, master blasters and blasting technical managers) shall also belong to the competence of the Mining Authority.

In authority proceedings belonging to the scope of the Mining Authority – exept those set in Government decree No. 161/2017 on the Mining and Geological  Survey of Hungary (hereinafter referred to as: MBFSZ) -, Division of Mining Supervision of the Pest County Government Office and Mining Departments of Divisions of Authority Affairs of the competent Government Offices at first instance, the central office of MBFSZ at second instance shall proceed.

Permitting procedures shall be managed pursuant to the provisions of the Act CL of 2016 on general administration regime (hereinafter referred to as: Ákr.)
In proceedings falling within the scope of Vhr. (and exept those laid down in Section 43/C of Bt.), the deadline for proceeding different cases shall be 25 (twenty-five) days to which periods pursuant to paragraph (5) of Section 50 of Ákr. shall not be included.

A certain amount of administration fee pursuant to Section 2 of Ministerial decree No. 78/2015 shall be paid for proceedings simultaneously with the submission of applications, and with full consideration of paragraphs (9) to (9c) of Section 43 of Bt.

The applied permit as well as approval shall be rejected by the Mining Authority if the the applicant has any debt in relation with the concession fee, mining royalty, supervisory fee, any fee, usage fee or fine set out in final and enforceable resolution established for the compensation of the fallen-short mining royalty . [paragraph (4a) of Section 5 of Bt.]

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