Establishment of mining plot - Book page

The mining entrepreneur may initiate the establishment of mining plot and the designation of protective pillar within 5 months from the date the resolution approving the final exploration report becomes final and enforceable. The 5-month period shall not include the proceeding for environmental permitting and the period for activity pursuant to paragraphs (1a) and (1b) of Section 23 of Bt. In case of non-compliance with the deadline, the mining entrepreneur’s right for initiation of establishment of mining plot as well as designation of protective pillar shall cease (paragraph (1) of Section 26/A of Bt.)

The application for the establishment of mining plot shall be submitted to Department of Mining of the competent Government Office as well as the Division of Mining Supervision (as for Government Office of Pest County) /hereinafter together referred to as: Department of Mining/. The required content requirements of application shall be specified in Section 11/A of Vhr. 

The Department of Mining shall contact the concerned expert authorities whose approval is indispensable for the establishment of mining plot. Conditions provided for shall be incorporated into the resolution, and lacking their approval, the application shall be rejected. 
Proceedings in connection with the establishment of mining plot shall be regulated by Sections 26, 26/A, 26/B, 26/C of Bt. as well as Sections 11, 11/A, 12 and 12/A of Vhr.

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