The exploitation of mineral resources, namely mining (mining activity/operation) shall be the subject to permitting. The person entitled to pursuing any mining activities/operations shall be the mining entrepreneur who may commence any activity by holding the permit issued by the Mining Authority and pursue such activity pursuant to conditions laid down in the permit (resolution). The Mining Authority shall issue its resolution upon regulations of Act XLVIII of 1993 on mining (Bt.) and Governmental decree 203/1998 on its implementation (Vhr.) considered as basic legal rules for regulating different phases of mining activities/operations. 


Based on those laid down in Bt.:

Exploration and exploitation of mineral resources as well as utilization of a geologic structure for underground storage of  hídrocarbons shall only be permitted on the section of the surface and depth separated for this sole purpose (mining plot). 


The mining plot shall be established by the Mining Authority upon request.

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