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1) Pressure equipment, pressure system, installation -- exept those specified in point 3. -- within the scope of Government decree 23/2006 on authority supervision of pressure equipments within the competence of the Mining Authority may be  

    a) established (installed) at defnite location,

    b) occupied,

    c) transformed and repaired


with permit issued by the Mining Authority.


2) The permittee for gas distribution (hereinafter referred to as: permittee) pursuant to Ministerial decree 94/2003 on rules and authority supervision of distribution of liquid propane-butan gases and their mixtures either in cylinder or in vessel, shall be obliged to elaborate a technical-safety  management system for design for establishment (installation), establishment, test operation, occupancy, operation and demolition of pressure equipments for storing liquid propane-butane gases and their mixtures pursuant to Ministerial decree 2/2016 on technical-safety authority supervision of pressure equipments, filling equipments, low-power pressurized gas filling equipments as well as periodic supervision of auto gas tanks. 


The technical-safety management system shall be approved by the Mining and Geological Survey of Hungary (MBFSZ), and supervised by competent Government Offices (hereinafter referred to as: Mining Authority) in competence for mining supervision.


3) The following shall be pursued without the permit issued by the Mining Authority:

  • establishment (installation), occupancy and demolition (abandonment) of mobile pressure equipments operated at different sites, irrespective of their hazard classes,
  • occupancy of class 'A' pressure equipment,
  • establishment, occupancy and demolition (abandonment) of vessels or vessel groups of liquid propane-butane gases and their mixtures under 13 m3 total capacity established for the gas supply to end-users upon technical-safety management system of the permittee in that case if the owner or operator obtained the approval of operators of public utilities concerned by the safety zone of vessel, and the way of installation of vessel is not contrary to the local building and construction codes.

With respect to specification of 13 m3  total volume, volumes of vessels installed sequentially for supplying the same end-user shall be considered collectively.

The occupancy of pressure equipment installed as presented above shall be notified to the Mining Authority within 8 days subsequent to investigations undertaken either by the expert investigating the pressure vessel or by the person responsible for supervision.


The notification shall contain:


  • name and head office of the operator,
  • place (settlement, land registry reference) of establishment (installation) of the vessel/equipment,
  • serial number and type of vessel/equipment, and
  • classification of vessel/equipment.

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